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Mexican chemist Mario Molina played a key role in the discovery of the hole in the ozone over Antarctica. In 1995, he was the co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in chemistry for discovering how chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) gasses threaten the Earth’s ozone layer. Learn how carbons affect the ozone with the Carbon Cycle Gizmo.

Mario Molina

Carbon Cycle Gizmo



Ruth Gonzalez is the first US-born Hispanic woman to earn a doctorate degree in mathematics. After graduating from Rice University, she went on to work as a geophysical mathematician for Exxon Mobile. Learn about math concepts Adding and Subtracting Integers Gizmo.

Ruth Gonzalez

Adding and Subtracting Integers Gizmo



Dr. Helen Rodriguez Trías was the first Latina president of the American Public Health Association (APHA). She helped expand public health services for women and children in minority and low-income communities around the world. Learn about medicine with the Circulatory System Gizmo.

Helen Rodriguez Trías

Circulatory System Gizmo



A Mexican-American botanist, Ynes Mexia is best known for her extensive collection of 150,000 novel plant specimens from Colombia, Mexico, and Peru. She discovered 500 new species. Learn about plants with the Growing Plants Gizmo.

Ynes Mexia

Growing Plants Gizmo



Dr. José Celso Barbosa is credited as being the first Puerto Rican, Afro-Latino to earn a medical degree in the US. He made many contributions to medicine and public health, including an early form of health insurance. Learn about medicine with the Muscles and Bones Gizmo.

José Celso Barbosa

Muscles and Bones Gizmo



In 1993, Ellen Ochoa became the first Hispanic woman to go to space when she served on a nine-day mission aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery. She also served as the first Hispanic director and second female director of the Johnson Space Center. Learn more about space with the Orbital Motion - Keplar’s Law Gizmo.

Ellen Ochoa 

Orbital Motion - Keplar’s Law Gizmo

Astronaut and engineer


In the 1940s, Dr. Luis Alvarez worked in the MIT Radiation Laboratory, where he helped develop World War II radar projects. Later in 1968, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for the development of the hydrogen bubble chamber. Learn how to build elements, like hydrogen, with the Element Builder Gizmo.

Luis Alvarez

Element Builder Gizmo


September 15th marks the start of Hispanic Heritage Month. Celebrate Latinos and Latinas in STEM who have made major contributions to science, technology, engineering, and math this month and all throughout the year with Gizmos. Tour our gallery of amazing Hispanic scientists, engineers, and mathematicians and find ExploreLearning Gizmos simulations that relate to their STEM work.

Hispanic STEM Figures


Argentinian mathematician Alberto Pedro Calderón is considered one of the leading 20th-century mathematicians. He worked alongside Polish mathematician, Antoni Zygmund, to develop the theory of singular integral operators. Learn about math concepts with the Number Systems Gizmo.

Alberto Pedro Calderón

Number Systems Gizmo


Celebrating Hispanic Scientists, Engineers, and Mathematicians

Dr. Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski has been called the “Next Albert Einstein.” She is a first-generation Cuban-American. Her early work resulted in the discovery of the "spin memory effect," which may be used to detect or verify the net effects of gravitational waves. Learn more by exploring the Gravitational Force Gizmo.

Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski

Gravitational Force Gizmo

Theoretical Physicist

Dr. Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa is a Mexican-American neurosurgeon, author, and researcher. He conducts research to understand and explain the role of stem cells in the origin of brain tumors and the potential role stem cells can play in fighting brain cancer and regaining neurological function. Find out about the role of senses in the brain and body through the Senses Gizmo.

Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa

Senses Gizmo


Nicole Hernandez-Hammer is a Guatemalan-American sea-level researcher, climate-change expert, and activist studying the disproportionate impacts of climate change on communities of color. Through her work as a climate scientist, she communicated actions the government could take to relieve the stresses of rising sea levels and pollution on Latino communities. Find out more about water pollution with the Water Pollution Gizmo.

Nicole Hernandez-Hammer

Water Pollution Gizmo

Sea-level and Climate Scientist

Lady Diana Trujillo Pomerantz is a Colombian NASA aerospace engineer. She serves as the Tactical Mission Lead for the Mars Perseverance mission at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Explore with the Programmable Rover Gizmo.

Diana Trujillo

Programmable Rover Gizmo

Aerospace engineer