Unlock your students’ math potential and give them the keys to math success with an ExploreLearning Math Grant. Selected teachers in grades 2-6 will receive free school-year access to Reflex (grades 2+) or Frax (grades 3+) to use in their classrooms. 

Choose the product that best aligns with your classroom needs and submit your application—it only takes 15 minutes! Grant spots are limited, so apply today for a fast-tracked review! 

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Unlock Math Success

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Frax stops the fraction struggle through an adaptive, game-based system that helps students build a strong understanding of fractions for ongoing success in higher mathematics.

Frax: The Key to Fractions Understanding 

  • Foundational instruction. Students work extensively with length models and number lines to understand fractions as numbers first.
  • Research-based success. Across all achievement levels, students who use Frax meet or exceed growth benchmarks at significantly higher rates. 
  • Engaging and effective. Each Frax mission features game-based challenges that build understanding while motivating students with rewards for effort and progress. 
  • Classroom support. With Frax offline activities, comprehensive support materials, and real-time reporting, educators can quickly discover when students are struggling and how to help. 
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The math foundations developed in elementary school have the potential to unlock advanced success for your students. Math fact fluency can free up students’ working memory, and it’s one of the strongest predictors of standardized test performance. And what about fractions? Research shows that knowledge of fractions significantly impacts students’ understanding of algebra and advanced math.

What will strong math foundations unlock for your students?      

This once-a-year math grant gives outstanding teachers full access to Reflex or Frax ($1,800+ value!) for the entire school year. 

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Unlock Math Fact FluencyUnlock Fractions Knowledge

Grades 2+

Unlock math fact fluency

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Apply by Friday, September 27, 2024 for priority review! 

Final Deadline: Sunday, November 24, 2024  

Grades 3+

Unlock fractions knowledge 

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$1,800+ value!

Grades 3+

Grades 2+

Unlock math fact fluency

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Grades 3+

Unlock fractions knowledge

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Adaptive and individualized, Reflex is the most effective and fun system for mastering basic facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. 

Reflex: The Key to Math Fact Fluency

  • Engaging and motivating. Reflex continuously monitors math performance to help students build math strength at their own pace, while fun games and rewards boost motivation and confidence.
  • Student success. Built on a fact family approach, Reflex helps all students develop fact fluency speed and accuracy. Across all achievement levels, students who use Reflex with high fidelity outscore their peers. 
  • Classroom support. Reflex includes intuitive and powerful reporting for teachers, schools, and districts to monitor student usage and celebrate progress. 
  • Response to Intervention (RTI). Reflex helps students at all intervention tiers succeed. 
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$1,800+ value!

Grades 2+

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Who can apply for a 
math grant?

The ExploreLearning Math Grant Program is open to elementary classroom educators (grades 2+ for Reflex; grades 3+ for Frax) who teach mathematics in the United States. 

If you teach at an English-language school outside of the United States, please submit an international application

Grant Details

How many students can 
use the program?

The Grant Program allows teachers to use Reflex or Frax with one classroom of students (up to a maximum of 40).

How many teachers 
can participate?

Up to two qualified educators per school may participate. For public schools, there is also a limit of ten grantees per district.

Please note that educators may only receive a grant for one school year.

Applicants with no previous Frax Grant or Reflex Grant experience will be given preference.

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Examples of real-life success.

Unlock Achievement with Reflex and Frax

  • When students (scoring two or more grade levels behind) used Reflex and Frax, they were 2.5x more likely to reach on-grade level math proficiency by the end of 3rd grade compared to non-users.
  • Students using Reflex and Frax experienced larger score gains than non-users, and the most academically at-risk demonstrated even greater growth. Users were 60% more likely to exceed or meet typical growth goals and 100% more likely to exceed or meet stretch growth goals. 
  • Teachers gave Reflex an average rating of 9.1 out of 10. Nearly 99% of teachers saw increased attention, engagement, and student motivation with Reflex. 
  • Students who used Reflex with fidelity were 7.4x more likely to reach 100% fluency than those with low Reflex usage. These students also showed significantly higher growth on NWEA MAP Growth assessments. 
  • ESSA Tier 2 research found Frax was 3x more effective than the average educational intervention for 3rd graders and 5x more effective for 4th graders. 

“The Reflex Grant has significantly increased my students’ math fact fluency. I no longer have to wait for students to count on their fingers simple math facts...they just know them.”

- Teacher, Walworth Jt. School District, WI

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE GRANT! Frax is the part of the day that gets students most excited about math. Students are excited about fractions now instead of dreading them. Frax has been so amazing for our class. It really solidifies the math concepts we learn. My students have started roleplaying as the Frax characters outside during recess. Just goes to show how much they enjoy it!”

- Teacher. Los Angeles Unified School District Central, CA

“My students have shown a significant increase in facts and motivation since using the Reflex Grant. They are interested in gaining fluency and have practiced more than ever. Their scores have increased along with their interest. Students can complete facts more efficiently and effectively. The students' interest in math is a success in itself.

- Teacher, Sto-Rox School District, PA

“It is clear the addition of Frax to my day-to-day instruction significantly impacted my students’ scores. They loved Frax and now LOVE fractions. Interim testing data showed students did very well on topic tests that included fractional reasoning. Then, EOY FAST assessment data showed my classes demonstrated 77% proficiency in fractional reasoning—29% points above the school average!”

- Teacher, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, FL

“Frax is a win-win for the students and the teacher! I was thrilled with the high level of engagement I saw. I was even more impressed when I would check for understanding, and students were grasping fraction concepts that had been difficult in prior years for students. I really like how much practice students are getting with the number line representation of fractions. Frax has made a positive impact on how I will teach fractions from now on!”

- Curriculum coordinator and teacher. Clinton-Massie Local Schools, OH

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What Teachers Say

What will strong math foundations unlock for your students?

This once-a-year math grant gives outstanding teachers full access to Reflex or Frax ($1,800+ value!) for the entire school year.

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